The John Lewis Beauty Box

Hi there beauty lovers,

I hope your week is going well! I’ve had a busy week so far, I’ve noticed a lot of activity on all my social media feeds and my blog which is amazing – thank you all for your support! I need more hours in the day to read and respond to everything, anyone else feel like that?!

The John Lewis Beauty & skincare Box

Turning to this post, I have been meaning to do this review for AGES but kept forgetting it! If any of you are John Lewis club card holders you may recall receiving an email a few months ago about a limited edition members-only beauty box offer – this was the box! It was £25 and only available for a short time. Being a big beauty box fan, I wanted to buy it and see how it compared to other subscription boxes I’ve tried. I must stress John Lewis haven’t launched their own subscription box service, although I would definitely consider it if they did, judging by the quality of this one!

This is what the box contained:

There were 8 products in total, which is decent for a beauty box! It featured mostly skincare with a couple of makeup items, but everything was good quality from well-regarded brands. Taking each item in turn:

  • The Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer

If you have not tried Marc Jacobs makeup, you really need to! It’s amazing quality and competitive in price to other popular makeup brands. This eyeliner is beautiful, very smooth in its application and a true black colour. I have a number of these eyeliners in different colours and they are all brilliant and very pigmented.

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Most of you will know I rate Laura Mercier as a brand – her makeup is excellent! This primer is a plain white fluid formula which absorbs into the skin really well and leaves it feeling smooth and soft ready for foundation application. When I have used this primer, my makeup has applied really well and has lasted throughout the day with very little loss of colour or ‘slippage’. If you’re in the market for a new primer, this one is definitely worth trying.

  • Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Power Serum

I have not used a great deal from the Origins brand although I have heard many good things about it, so receiving this was great as it allowed me to test something. I never used to use face serums until the last few months, but I can see why they are so popular and how beneficial they can be to the skin! This serum is very good, you don’t need a huge amount per application as it will go a long way and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and nourished. I put serums on before moisturiser and I can see the difference this extra step has made to the condition and feel of my skin. Give this one a try!

  • Benefit Gimme Brow Fiber Gel

I love Benefit products and have done for many years. When they launched the new eyebrow maintenance range I was like a child in a sweet shop, trying to figure out what to buy! I ended up buying the Ka Brow pot which is very good. The old version of Gimme Brow is already in my makeup kit so I did not buy that.

I was so happy to see this in the beauty box as it allowed me to compare my old version with the new improved one. It is even better than it was! It is difficult to put my finger on why but after using the new Gimme Brow, I found it filled my eyebrows more than before and the colour was a better darker shade which matched my eyebrow colour more closely. It’s a brilliant product in any event and a must for your makeup bag.

  • Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask

I never used to use any Clarins products until I received samples in the various subscription boxes I have tested, but having tried some of the skin care I do think its a quality brand. This mask looks like a moisturiser and I have only used it once as I have so many things to test, but it does work like a mask would, leaving skin feeling deep cleaned, soft and plump. Like with most masks I would not use it more than once a week as I like to exfoliate as well but it is a lovely mask to have in your collection for those pamper days.

  • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

This brand is exceptional! Liz Earle skincare transformed my skin from having lots of spots and blemishes to barely any, without causing dryness or irritation. Her products are beautifully made and chemical free and she caters for all skin types. This cleanser is amazing, I thought when I first started using it that the muslin cloth that comes with it would aggravate my skin if used regularly but it actually doesn’t. After every use, my skin feels clean and soft and hydrated! I use the combination oily range and its a godsend! I also use other elements of her skincare range and her hair and body products – I will be doing a review of my Liz Earle skincare products soon so I won’t say too much here!

  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Instant Turnaround Moisturiser

Not only does Charlotte Tilbury create some of the most amazing innovative makeup, she now does beautiful skin care. I was so happy to try this product as I have not been able to test her skincare range properly yet. It is so gorgeous! It’s a lovely rich creamy texture and it absorbs into the skin so well! You’re left with a dewy, baby skin-like surface, perfect for makeup application or just on its own. I can’t wait to try more of the range!

  • Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

I used to only associate Elemis with spas and salons but over time I have bought the odd product and my opinion of the brand is high! Everything I have bought is beautifully packaged and the quality is second to none. This flash balm is no different, and certainly is illuminating! I have used it on its own and under makeup and in both cases, my skin has felt lovely and hydrated with a subtle glow. I don’t use it all the time because I like to mix up my routine and I also want to make it last, but it’s worth trying if Elemis is new to you.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it! I have to say, this beauty box was worth every penny! Hopefully, John Lewis will bring another one out during the course of the year. I did ask the store staff if another box was likely and they indicated there was a good possibility as this one was so popular! John Lewis as a department store is brilliant anyway and it is worth signing up for their store card regardless of this beauty box promotion. But if you ever needed an incentive this would be a good one!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do leave your comments below and feel free to like and share! If there are any specific products you would like me to review or any blog post ideas you would like me to consider, do let me know, I always love inspiration from my followers!

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Cure Natural Aqua Gel – Hit or Miss?

Hello, lovelies!

I hope you are well and enjoying the lovely sunshine this weekend! Spring is definitely coming, although I did feel the loss of an hour’s sleep this morning when the clocks went forward!

Cure natural aqua gel

So, today I wanted to write about a skin care product for a change. I love trying new skincare innovations as much as new makeup but realised I have not really blogged about any skincare I use yet! This product is a recent addition to my skincare regime and I only discovered it through skimming my YouTube feed! It’s made in Japan and I ordered it from eBay for approximately £20, although you can order from Amazon and pay a bit more. The bottle size is 250g which is a decent size and should last a while as you don’t need to use a lot per use.

The point of the Cure Natural Aqua Gel is to gently exfoliate dead skin. It is a semi-clear, reasonably runny gel and its made from all natural ingredients. This is how it looks out of the bottle:


This is the amount to use to cover your whole face.

The process to follow when  using it is this:

  1. Clean your face as normal and pat dry
  2. Pump a 1-2p coin sized amount of the gel into your palm as above
  3. Gently rub the gel all over your face apart from lips and the eye area.
  4. As you massage it into the skin it will start turning a milky white colour and you will start to see tiny grains appearing on the surface of your face – this is actually dead skin! This is what you will see (these are very close up to try to show you the effect!):




I massage the gel into my skin for no more than 5 minutes and then I rinse my face fully to wash away the dead skin. Afterwards, my skin feels extremely smooth and looks clearer, with no tightness or drying effects:



The Results

Aside from the blemishes that I already had in these photos, my skin I hope looks more radiant and ‘clean’. It’s hard to show it in photos for obvious reasons! I have used this gel twice every week for 2-3 weeks now and every time my skin looks and feels smoother and brighter. As the gel is smooth itself it does not aggravate the skin or scratch it the way some exfoliators do and its perfume and chemical free. I still use other grain-based exfoliators too but only once a week if that and generally when  I can see my skin needs a deep clean.

I have also found with this gel that my skin still feels lovely the day after using it and it helps to control breakouts, which I sometimes get around my chin area. All in all, I think this is one of the best skin care products I have ever tried and I think it will be a staple in my skincare arsenal! I can see why its a best seller in Japan!

I hope this blog was interesting and I will be posting more skincare related content in the coming weeks! If you have any questions about this product or generally, let me know in the comments box below and if there’s any product you want to recommend I’d love to hear about it!

Catch up soon, don’t forget to follow and subscribe!

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One Lovely Blog Award – Thank You!

Hi, lovely people!

I hope you’re all well! I can’t believe it but I have been nominated twice for the “One Lovely Blog Award”, first by LindsayRose and then by Sarrachristine! To say I am so happy and grateful to be nominated is an understatement, especially by fellow bloggers who are regularly posting great content. I barely get a chance to blog more than once a week! Hopefully, this will change over time but to be recognised based on what I can post is amazing!

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and links back to them
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7-15 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 9-15 bloggers you admire and contact them to let them know.

Award Facts about me:

  1. In addition to makeup, I am obsessed with Friends and Swarovski jewellery!
  2. I have certifications in Event Management and Wedding Planning
  3. When I was very young I used to cut my own hair much to the dismay of my family!
  4. Learning new things is fun for me and I always have multiple projects on the go
  5. I really hate crumbs!
  6. Visiting beautiful bookstores and libraries and reading in a quiet corner is a favourite pastime
  7. One of my bucket list items is to travel abroad alone
  8. I believe in the law of attraction but I don’t always find it easy to put it into practice!
  9. Interior design and constantly change how my house is decorated is something I love
  10. I love art and photography and I have also done boudoir photo shoots!

  1. Jaycolby
  2. kaydubzmakeup
  3. rachellouisebeauty
  4. Orchids + Sweet tea
  5. laurakatebeauty
  6. lovefromgeorgie
  7. NewLune
  8. UnboxingBeauty
  9. Kimandmakeup
  10. Bay area beauty blogger

All these bloggers cover a variety of topics and each has a unique style and voice! I wish I had more time to read their blogs – have a look and see for yourselves!

Thanks again for the nomination and enjoy discovering more amazing bloggers!

Dips xxx

Glossybox March 2017 – A pleasant surprise!

Hey there makeup lovers,

I hope you’re all well and having a good week so far! As usual, I have been really busy with my full-time job and my blog and social media maintenance, but loving it! I have also ordered a ton of new products which will start arriving soon so very excited about testing some new makeup and skin care items and sharing my thoughts with you!

Glossy Box

One way I find really useful and reasonably inexpensive to try new products is subscription boxes. As mentioned in my previous post, The Little Known Box, I have tested a few subscription boxes and I am constantly looking for new ones to try. Glossybox is one I have used on and off depending on the products included and my budget! I decided to subscribe to the March box after receiving an email from the company with a teaser about the contents.

As is usual with a standard Glossybox, you receive a classic pink box with an info card and the products wrapped in tissue paper and a ribbon:


Inside March’s box were 5 lovely full size Products:

  • Oolution Eye Love
  • Sleek Makeup Eye and Cheek Palette
  • This Works In Transit Camera Close-up
  • GOT2B Styling Primer
  • Fruu Fruitilicious Watermelon Lip Balm


As you can imagine, my favourite item was the Sleek palette! I have not used it yet but I have swatched it for your viewing pleasure!

The colours are so pretty and its a perfect handbag palette for everyday use. As is usually the case with Sleek, the eyeshadows are pigmented and reasonably smooth. There was some fallout when I swatched them but it would be manageable when using in a makeup look. I will probably be using this palette in my makeup soon so look out for the look on Instagram!

The other products

As for the other products, I have used the styling primer, the eye cream and the lip balm and I would recommend all of them. The styling primer was especially good and whilst it felt a little sticky when I put it on damp hair, once my hair dried it made it look and feel thicker and was easy to style. The eye cream was also good and the under eye area felt soft and hydrated after use. However, it did sting when I accidentally got it in my eye so it is definitely a cream to use sparingly and carefully! I will be testing the This Works all in one cream soon as it is meant to act as a moisturiser and primer in one which Victoria Beckham swears by so it can’t be bad!

Overall, I am really pleased with this box! It can be hit or miss with subscription boxes as sometimes the products aren’t things you would want to use. But Glossybox March has provided me with some gems!

That’s it, for now, lovelies! I am going to try to blog more regularly so stay tuned for more reviews and beauty tips! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for future blog topics you would like to see, leave them below for me and don’t forget to follow and subscribe!

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The Glamour Beauty Festival 2017 – been there, done that and got the goody bag!

Hello, fellow beauty junkies!

I hope you are enjoying your weekends, today is my organisation day for the week ahead so I thought I would start with drafting my blog for this week! I am also hoping to prepare a few other posts ready for the coming week or two as I am going to be super busy and may not get time otherwise! Hopefully, I will have time to read some of your blogs as well!

The Glamour Beauty Festival

This time last week, I was recovering from my day in London at the Glamour Beauty Festival. I went on Saturday morning and attended the festival before enjoying a walk through London as I made my way back to Euston Station. Suffice it to say, I walked a good 8 miles and was exhausted by the time I got home, but it was a lovely day!

I found out about the festival in the Glamour magazine, which I occasionally buy if there are some good beauty buys and reviews in it. When I saw that they were holding a festival dedicated to beauty I obviously had to buy a ticket!

The Event

The first thing I would say is that it was not a cheap event. The festival was over a couple of days and they had split the days into morning sessions, afternoon sessions and full day sessions. The half days cost £45 and the full days cost £75. I decided to attend a morning session due to the cheaper price! Luckily you received the goody bag whichever ticket you bought, I’ll come back to this later!

The festival was held in the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square, which was a lovely venue. The format of the festival was as follows:

  • There were a handful of makeup, beauty and skincare brands in attendance each with their own display and workspace. They were spread over 2 floors. Here are some photos to show you what I mean:

  • Each brand was offering some free service to test their products, which you would need to queue for. Some of the brands were also selling their products whilst others were just showcasing them and hosting promotions on their websites and social media.
  • There were also mini cafe bars throughout the floors to keep you fed and watered and Glamour magazine was on the top floor providing the goody bags and subscription offers.

The Brands

The brands I specifically looked at were Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Eylure, Laura Mercier and Elegant Touch. I wanted to have a look at Nars, Pixie and Fresh as well but the queues and crowds prevented me from getting close! There were also hair stylists at the festival from hair brands such as GHD but again the queues were so long you would have wasted too much time waiting for them. Bearing in mind my ticket only allowed my attendance from 9.30-1.30 I had to be frugal with my time!

Marc Jacobs

One of the highlights of the festival for me was having an eye makeover by Marc Jacobs. I love the makeup produced by this brand, particularly the eyeliners and luckily the queue was not horrendous when I found them so I managed to get to a makeup artist pretty fast! The makeup artist was lovely and very knowledgable about the brand and she used a couple of the new gel eyeliners they have released along with a purple mascara. I did not buy anything as I can always buy online but I loved the final eye look and would definitely recommend trying the makeup if you haven’t before.

Once I had gone through all the brand stands I went to collect my goody bag. I had already seen online some information about the products in the bag so I was really excited! The good bag did not disappoint, you received a substantial number of products worth almost £200! They were a good mix of makeup, skin care and hair care and a cross-section of high street to high-end brands. Here’s what you received:

Amazing right? I have barely tried anything yet but as I work through things I will post my reviews!

Would I attend the festival again?

So what did I think of the festival overall? To be honest, for the ticket prices, I was a little disappointed with the lack of brands in attendance. There were less than 20 present and trying to actually see products and speak to the representatives was a nightmare because there were so many people at each stand. This brings me to my next ‘con’ – the festival was primarily an event to try to test services, not to actually buy products and look at the ranges on offer. Because of this, you spent an inordinate amount of time in queues or trying to push through people just to see what the brands had brought with them, which wasn’t much. For me, that was frustrating and not really what I had attended for.

The best thing was the goody bag! I am glad I attended for that reason alone because there is so much in it to try, however, if they hold the festival again next year I will think carefully before buying a ticket as it is a long way to go and expensive just to stand in queues!

As an aside, after the festival, I had a lovely afternoon in London and did manage to look in some other makeup stores to test other products. In Space NK I was able to check out the new Cover FX highlighter drops:


I’ve since ordered both online! I also walked through Hyde Park which was lovely and stopped to look over the lake because the view was so pretty:

All in all, it was a great day out so I am glad I made the effort to go, but if it weren’t for the goody bag and the eye makeover I don’t think I would have found the festival very enjoyable. I think the idea of a beauty festival is excellent and it would no doubt attract a lot of visitors but the format of this one was not to my liking. Compared to the Professional Beauty Show I attended (see my previous blog on this event!) this festival was a bit of a letdown but hopefully they will improve on it next year!

I hope you found this event review useful, do leave any comments or questions in the comment box below! I will be attending IMATS in London and the Beauty UK show in Birmingham, both in May, so it will be interesting to see how they compare! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me for more fun reviews and beauty info!



Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks – my review

Hi lovely people,

I hope you have started this week well – I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and irritated myself, trying to work full-time and follow my passion is difficult! Thank you to all of my followers, subscribers and supporters for sticking with me even though I can’t produce as much content as I would like and as fast as I would like! I also have a huge backlog of blogs to read from some of you but I will get there! Bravo for being able to blog so regularly!

The Vice Liquid Lipsticks

Now that I have had my little ‘vent’, onto the lovely subject matter of this post! I am a big fan of Urban Decay makeup and it was one of the first brands I started buying makeup from when I became a makeup enthusiast. When I heard that they were bringing out their own line of liquid lipsticks, I was naturally very excited given my existing love for the trend!

So, I trotted along to Debenhams one weekend and saw them all on display! In case I have never mentioned it, not only am I magpie, I also love colour! Seeing this array of shades made me very happy!

The Swatches

This isn’t even all the colours they do but it gives a great idea of the range! I got so excited that I swatched them all there and then (some of them were duplicates of the same colour):

Aren’t they just beautiful? I could have happily bought them all but had to be restrained! The consistency of these liquid lipsticks is slightly different to others I have bought. They were a little runnier and not really matte, but as you can see the colour intensity isn’t affected. I ended up buying just the one for now, which was the deep brown shade 4th from the left, called Conspiracy. No doubt I will collect the others one by one! In addition, I have found out that Urban Decay will also be bringing out a range of lip toppers soon which look even more amazing that the liquid lipsticks!! I will definitely be buying a few of those!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, it’s only a short one compared to my others! If any of you have tried these and have a favourite, let me know in the comments! Stay tuned/subscribe/follow me for more blogs soon!



The Professional Beauty Show 2017 -Was it worth attending?

Hi beautiful people!

I hope you have all had a great weekend and you’re enjoying your Sundays before the working week starts again! My week has been crazy in my day job and a busy weekend so far but finally found time to sit down and write! I have a growing list of blogs to prepare and it keeps getting longer!

The Professional Beauty Show

So, a few weeks ago I attended the Professional Beauty Show 2017 in London. If you follow me on social media you will know that at this event I also met the inventor of the Stylpro brush cleaner which was a massive highlight for me! It was the first time I attended this event and I have to say, it was really worthwhile trekking to London for it!


The Brands

The first thing that I found amazing is that the event is FREE. This was a huge exhibition of many beauty, skincare and makeup distributors. You would think there would be a hefty ticket price too go with the size of the event, but there was no charge and no catches! Some of the well-known brands such as Murad, Dermalogica and OPI attended, to name a few:



Secondly, you were spoilt for choice. I am pretty sure I did not get chance to visit every single exhibitor due to the sheer number of them! I tried to work around as many of the makeup stands as possible and visited some of the skin care brands too. There were some expected favourites such as Nyx Professional and Inglot and also a few companies I had not heard of:

As you can imagine, the queues were crazy! There were also some unexpected surprises which I was thrilled to see! Spectrum had a stand, whose brushes I have long coveted and Kryolan had a stand, which is one of the best and most established professional makeup brands. I naturally visited both!

I decided against buying any Spectrum brushes on this occasion as it was simply too busy to have a proper look. Getting close enough was hard but I know that buying some in the future is a definite!

However, I wasn’t quite so restrained at the Kryolan stand! I have long been a fan of this brand but never had the opportunity to check out the full range. I ended up buying an eyeshadow palette and 2 fine glitter pigments from there! The quality of the makeup is exceptional, the pigmentation of the eyeshadow is excellent and the glitters are stunning. They actually come in different textures, from the very chunky glitters to the super fine, but they are all beautiful.

Glitter Heaven

On the subject of glitters, this show was glitter heaven! There were several stands selling various glitters in an array of colours and I was in my element!


I ended up buying several different glitters but tried to pick colours that I did not already have! They were all good quality and very reasonably priced so it was worth attending the event just for that! The only brand I could not properly look at was Magpie Beauty because it was swamped with fans!


Finally, you were also able, despite the number of attendees, to take part in demonstrations. Most exhibitors were testing samples on visitors, doing demonstrations and offering treatments. I thought this was very ambitious but also essential to pulling in customers. I ended up assisting in a demo for the Stylpro brush cleaner and giving a review which was posted on Twitter! My aunt had a foundation and concealer makeover by Supercover Professional Makeup, which was actually very impressive:

Suffice it to say, she ended up buying some of their products and has since told me how pleased she is with them!

Would I attend the event again?

So, would I recommend attending this event? Hell yes! Not only was it free, there was a huge amount of information to gain and amazing brands to explore. I have only touched on some of the companies I spoke to but there were brush brands such as Crown Brushes, hair extension brands, makeup storage companies, the list goes on. I also used the opportunity to hand out some of my beauty blog cards to reps and discussed possible collaborations or reviewing products for them, which is so much easier to do in person than through emails etc. Then there’s the fact I was able to use my love of this industry to speak to someone like Tom Pellereau of Stylpro and I was able to gain social media exposure as a result!

All in all, this show will be a date to save for 2018 and I hope it is even better than this year was! I will soon be reviewing the lovely products I bought at the show but for now, here’s a little sneak peek:

I hope you found this blog fun and interesting! If you have any questions about the show do feel free to comment below! As always, if you like reading my blogs, remember to follow, like and subscribe!



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My MUA Luxe Makeup Haul!

Hello, fellow makeup lovers!

I hope you all had a great weekend and Monday has been kind to you! My weekend was pretty good, I had a slight issue with my car exhaust falling off my car but I managed to sort it! I also spent time editing lots of lovely makeup and haul photos to share on my blog and my Instagram so watch out for those in the coming weeks!

My MUA Luxe haul

Recently I have spent a lot of time and money researching new products and makeup I have not tried. One of the brands that was appearing regularly was MUA Luxe. I have bought the odd thing from the brand but never really paid any attention to it….until the new collection came out! There are some gorgeous palettes, highlighters and liquid lipsticks so I thought I would order some of the new and recent collection to try. This is what I ordered in my haul:

From the top, we have 5 of the liquid lipsticks in a collection called Hollywood Kiss. There are 2 other collections as well but I loved this one because the colours will be wearable all year-long.

Here are the swatches:

As you can see, they are all really pigmented and will work on any skin tone and through every season! They are quite ‘wet’ in texture and have a shine as opposed to a matte finish. I think this makes a nice change to all the matte liquid lipsticks on the high street!

The Highlighters

Next, in my haul, I bought the Strobe and Glow Highlighter in Pink Lustre. There is another option too but I decided to try this one as the pink colour is unusual and I have so many golden or champagne toned highlighters that I thought I would try something different. It comes in two parts:

It is hard to tell its a pink shade due to the lighting in my photo but its a really pretty pale pink colour. The bottom layer is a cream highlighter and the top is the powder equivalent. You can wear them on their own or layer them for a more strobe-like effect. I have used this highlighter in one of my recent looks and I have to say it looked really lovely on my skin tone! I layered it to see the difference that made and it’s amazing – you can keep it more natural or build it up and it works perfectly.

As if one highlighter wasn’t enough, I decided to buy another from the range called Undress your Skin highlighting powder in the shade Pearlescent Sheen. There are 9 choices in all so you are spoilt for choice. I chose this one because it has a pale blue tinge to it, which again is something new:

I tried several times to catch the blue tinge in my photo but it’s very tricky! However, when I tested it in one of my looks there is a definite blue coming through and it’s gorgeous! It is easy to intensify if you want to but its pigmented on a couple of light swipes.

The Palettes

Finally, I bought 2 of the palettes in my haul. This was a hard choice as MUA Luxe has brought out a number of different palettes with various colour combinations! I am a sucker for eyeshadow palettes as I love creating new eye looks, but I had to be strict with myself as I am running out of space to store them all! So, I decided on Elysium Shadows and Elysium Elements. I chose these 2 because I love using blue in my looks and didn’t already have a good blue shadow range and the Elements palette is a beautiful combination of delicate pastel colours, unlike any other palette I have. Here’s a close up:


I have not used the Elysium Shadows palette yet but I have used the Elysium Elements and it is so pretty! All the colours are really pigmented and work well in any combination. They blend well too and there’s minimal fallout. I can’t wait to use the blue shades!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am loving all my MUA Luxe haul purchases! I think the quality of the brand is very good considering how inexpensive everything is! I will definitely be watching out for more MUA Luxe releases in the future and love the fact it is easily accessible in Superdrug too! There aren’t swatches for everything in this blog but if you would like me to swatch anything leave me a comment below and your Instagram name and I will post a photo!

I hope you liked this review. If you don’t already follow or subscribe to my blog I would love it if you did!

Thanks for stopping by!



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