Guest Post: 5 Steps To Being Healthy & Beautiful This Fall!

Guest Post by Brigitte Evans of High Life Style

Fall is just around the corner, and it is time to consider some changes to our beauty and fitness regimen so that we can adjust to the new season. As we are switching from hot summer days to more mild fall weather it is important to adjust our daily routine and nutrition to suit these changes. Now, let’s see what are the five most important tips that are bound to help you stay healthy and beautiful this fall!

Adjust your skincare routine

Summer sun and dry air require a special high moisture type of skincare in order for our skin to stay healthy and protected. Now, when fall comes certain changes need to be made. First of all, it is time to increase exfoliation so that we can get rid of all dry skin leftover from summer. You shouldn’t’ cut down on the SPF high skin protection though, as sun rays are quite strong during the fall months. You should also change up your moisturiser – the light, oil-free one that most of us use during summer isn’t enough. We should be opting for a heavy cream made with ceramides to ensure ultimate protection. It is important to apply your daily cream regularly as fall brings winds and winds can dry out our skin quite quickly causing blemishes and tightness. Finally, have a lip balm on hand at all times to prevent lip cracking!

Improve on your fitness and nutrition regimen

Nutrition is essential for staying healthy during the fall months. Now what is even more important is that we use what we are given, so fruit and vegetables that are ripe during this season. We are much more active during the summer months, and as our body starts to slow down in winter, it is important that the portions are adjusted, as well as our physical activity. We need to compensate being out and about every day during the summer months with appropriate levels of exercise, whether it’s hitting the gym more regularly or adding running to our routine. Following the right nutrition and fitness plan can help us fight even some existing conditions. So by making the right adjustments we could even reverse insulin resistance or lower our cholesterol!

Change up your makeup

During summer we all tend to stick to light makeup so that our skin can breathe, in addition when it comes to tones, there are always a lot of light shimmers and gentle shades, ideal for contrasting the tanned summer skin. Now, with fall we can introduce a bit more of our favourite foundations, even eyeliners and mascaras are back in play, as we don’t have to worry about our face melting in the scorching sun. This fall is all about the lips, and stunning lipstick shades!

Add a few vitamins

During the summer months, we have been getting our vitamin D from the sun, so there was little to no need to supplement it. However, in the fall it is essential to reintroduce this valuable nutrient into our nutrition. You need vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium, and because you can’t make vitamin D inside your body, you need to supplement with it. Next, on the list is vitamin C of course, since we will be spending a lot more time indoors it is important to give our immune system a bigger boost t fight off the inevitable colds and coughs that could arise!

Pay attention to your mood

After an active summer, you can expect a bit of a change in your mood due to the change of weather as well as the types of activities. And if you are not prepared for this it can lead to fall depression. So it is essential that you are prepared for these changes and at the same time ready to deal with them. During the fall months make sure to occupy your mind, you can start a hobby or spend more time with friends, just don’t let the increased amount of time you will be spending inside get you down!

You can now be sure you are going to stay beautiful and healthy during the fall, all you have to do is make a few adjustments so as to accommodate the changing of the seasons!

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