A focus on Eye makeup

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that eye makeup is my specialism! I love experimenting with different looks, colours and techniques and fortunately I have big eyes and lots of lid space so I can go to town when I have time to! It’s no wonder then that I follow a number of Vloggers that love eye makeup as much as I do, my list is below:

  • Amys Makeup Box
  • An Knook
  • Angela Bright
  • Biohazardous Beauty
  • Denitslava
  • Desi Perkins
  • FutilitiesMore
  • Makeupbyani
  • Melissa Samways
  • Meredith Jessica
  • Mua Daquari
  • Rocio Cervantes
  • SofieBella
  • Tania Waller

Some of these ladies also cover other specialisms but after reviewing all their videos, they had a predominant focus on the eyes. My personal loves are An Knook, Melissa Samways, SofieBella and Tania Waller. All of them do close up detailed eye tutorials so you can really see a look build up and An Knook and Melissa Samways regularly tell you the brushes they are using too so you can build your brush collection based on tried and tested methods. If you have not watched any of them before, I strongly recommend you do!