A focus on Hairstyling

Some Vloggers have specialisms, which is great if you know who they are and what they specialise in! From the Vloggers I follow I have identified the ones that love to focus on hairstyling and listed them below for you:

  • Amazing Transformation Lux
  • Cinthia Truong
  • Kayley Melissa
  • Lilith Moon
  • Luxy Hair
  • MakeupWearables Hairstyles
  • Milabu
  • Womenbeauty1

My personal favourites from the list are Lilith Moon and Womenbeauty1, they do a variety of casual and evening/bridal styles and both give detailed instructions so that you can try the styles yourself. If you’re like me and love playing with your hair you should definitely take a look!