A focus on Indian Bridal Makeup

Once upon a time, I was an Indian Bride and whilst marriage didn’t take for me, the experience of planning it and then having my hair and makeup done for the big day was one I will never forget for so many good reasons. It was at this time in my life that I really started to understand the skill and artistry of makeup, thanks to an amazing MUA called Safina Malik. To date she is still an inspiration to me and a friend and her makeup skills are second to none. So, it seemed only right that I included my preferred Bridal Vloggers and recognised their talent:

  • Anisha Siddique
  • Makeup by Humera
  • Nadia Shazad

This is the one area of my Vlogger Directory that needs building on so if any of you follow some amazing Indian Bridal MUAs let me know in the comments so I can them! All three of the ladies I do follow are excellent and the brides I am sure are thrilled with the end results, just as I was many years ago!