A focus on Special Effects and Fantasy Makeup

It truly is amazing what can be done with makeup! I am not too concerned with learning the art of special effects makeup but I have great respect for those that have mastered it and love seeing the different creations they invent. Out of the Vloggers I follow, there are a few that are very talented in this area and often do tutorials focusing on special effects and fantasy makeup so I felt I had to list them for you:

  • Atleeeey
  • Aurora AmorPorElMaquillaje
  • Chrisspy
  • Desi Perkins
  • Goldiestarling
  • Kristianathe
  • Promise Phan
  • Shaaanxo
  • Victoria Lyn Beauty

I can’t say I have any favourites in this list because they are ALL amazing! Watching their tutorials is mesmerising and even though I don’t aspire to recreate their looks I still learn a lot of techniques from them. Whether you love to use makeup to let your imagination run wild or like me you just love watching talented Vloggers show their skills, you will love watching these ladies!