Bliss Fabulips – is it fabulous?

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Bliss Fabulips

I know I have been on more of a skincare vibe in my last few posts but I am really into caring for my skin at the moment. You all seem to enjoy reading them so I’ve done another one! This one, however, is about lip care. I don’t know about you but I struggle to keep my lips soft and smooth all year round. Sadly I also have a bad habit of chewing my lips, especially when I am stressed! This kit popped up when I was surfing the web and I had never heard of Bliss before so I thought it might be worth trying. I bought it and have been testing everything over the last 2-3 weeks.

The kit includes the following items:

  • On the far left, a lip scrub
  • In the middle, a lipstick style lip balm
  • Next, a lip cleanser
  • On the far right, a lip plumping cream

The Lip Scrub

I have tried using scrubs before and I even made a DIY lip scrub but I never found that they made any difference to the condition of my lips. This one is actually pretty good, in that it contains natural ingredients, has a pleasant taste and smell and the texture is not too abrasive but does buff the lips. This is what it looks like:

You don’t need a lot to scrub your top and bottom lips. I don’t use it every day but the days I have used it, my lips have felt noticeably softer and smoother afterwards. This effect will last to the day after use as well. I do have to say when I have forgotten to use it my lips do start to dry and chap again. Now it may be that no product can give me super soft smooth lips all the time but I was hoping this product might have a slightly longer lasting effect compared to others. Sadly it only seems to maintain the results if you use it religiously every couple of days, but it does work to a reasonable degree.

The Lip Balm

This is also pleasantly scented and not too soft in texture. It does moisturise the lips well and I tend to use it at night when I go to sleep so that it sinks in. In the morning my lips will still be reasonably soft but that won’t last into the day unless I apply more. For me, I am searching for a lip balm that can be applied sparingly and keep my lips soft all day. This is proving to be a challenge, which I hoped this lip balm would solve but it’s not quite there.

The Lip Cleanser

Now, this product is less about giving you soft lips. It is more about making sure they are clean and ready to absorb whatever you put on your lips afterwards. It’s really good for cleaning your lips after wearing heavy lipstick or a deep stained colour. Your lips do feel refreshed and clean and plump after use. This is probably my favourite item in the kit because it does what I expect it to! Like the other products, it has a lovely fragrance and pleasant taste and the texture is smooth and gel-like.

The Lip Plumper

I have to advise that I did not really notice any difference in my lips after using this! Apart from a slight tingling after the gel was applied, I did not see any change in the plumpness of my lips! It did give a nice sheen to my lips and added a little moisture but that’s about it. For obvious reasons, this was my least favourite item!

So does this kit deliver ‘full, healthy, beautiful lips’ as promised on the box? Overall, I would have to say it helps to keep your lips in good condition. BUT given what it has been created for, the effects aren’t as obvious and long-lasting as you would hope. The kit cost £25 which isn’t extortionate when you are getting 4 products but I would not buy it again. At most I would buy the cleanser on its own because that does deliver. However, I will have to continue my hunt for a good lip balm and lip scrub that gives me the luscious long lasting lips I want!

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and found it useful! If you have any good recommendations for lip products I can try do leave your comments in the box below, I always love getting your feedback! If you did like this post, feel free to like and share and keep following me!

Thanks! xxx

3 thoughts on “Bliss Fabulips – is it fabulous?

  1. Ioanna says:

    I’ve seen Bliss products before and really considered buying the lip scrub, but 17 euros for a lip scrub seems a little excessive…

    Great review! Thanks for sharing!

    Ioanna |

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