Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Eye Edition Palette: My Review

Hey makeup lovers! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends!

I’ve been very busy this last week so I’ve not been able to blog until now. I’ve been planning lots more to blog about in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

One of my recent makeup purchases is the subject of this blog, the Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Edition Palette. I saw this first on Sephora but they weren’t allowing it to be shipped to the UK. I had made my peace with the fact that I was never going to be able to obtain it….and then I looked at Selfridges website and saw it was one of their exclusives! Obviously, I then had to buy it!

Bobbi Brown is one of my longstanding favourite brands of makeup and brushes simply because:

  • everything she produces is suited to all skin tones
  • its excellent quality and
  • there is always plenty of choice.

Her brushes are some of my oldest and most used because they last so long without loss of bristles and they are easy to master.

I particularly loved this palette because the eyeshadows are beautiful shades for everyday use and you get 3 different coloured gel liners! Given how much all this would cost individually its great value for money and its something you can use all the time, especially if you like the more natural look.

This is what the palette looks like:

The colours from top left onwards are Cream, Sable, Smoke Shimmer Wash, Malted, Beige Linen Shimmer Wash, Black Topaz metallic, Pewter Chrome and Golden Bronze Metallic. From the names, you can see there some matte shades, some shimmer and some metallic. You then have the three gel liners and a double-ended brush with a fluffy eyeshadow angled brush at one end and a liner brush at the other.

When swatched the eyeshadows look like this:

As the colours are neutral it was hard to make them stand out on my skin tone as swatches. But on the eyes, the colour and pigmentation are very good! I used this palette for my makeup look Bobbi Brown Luxe-urious and was really happy with the colour pay off and blendability of the shades. A couple of the shades do have some fallout compared to the others but this was a minor price to pay for the overall quality. They are designed to compliment each other in various combinations so you will have plenty of fun creating new looks!

The gel eyeliners are no less beautiful. I love that you receive three different colours which everyone will make use of:

The first colour is Bronze Shimmer, the second is Patina Ink and the last is Black Ink. The pigmentation is brilliant! The consistency of the gel is smooth and creamy so they slide onto the eyes with ease. As you get two shades of brown and a black this trio will potentially get you through every season!

To see the colour difference more clearly I swatched them, which was also easy to do!

All three colours are lovely and the black is a true black rather than a very dark grey-black, which I often find in other gel liners.

All in all, I love this palette and I am really glad I was able to purchase it! If you are interested in buying it too, it is still available at Selfridges as an exclusive and even more useful, Bobbi Brown and Sephora have posted a video on YouTube with 4 different tutorials for the palette! If you fancy a watch here’s the link:

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you find it useful! If you don’t use Bobbi Brown products yet, definitely give them a try! Stay tuned for more makeup reviews by following and subscribing using the links on the right!

Dips xxx


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