A Deck of Scarlet – My Second Palette!

Hi there, lovelies!

I have been meaning to write this post about the second Deck of Scarlet palette for ages and finally, I have the time to do it! It was a while ago that I wrote about this subscription service – to find out all the details, check out my first post here.

The Palette contents

The second palette is as lovely as the first one! As before, there are 3 eyeshadows, 2 lip colours, a highlighter and a blush/bronzer. When I first saw these colours on the preview email I received, I was not sure I would really like or use them. However, when I received the palette, I loved them! Here are the swatches for each:

Along with the palette, I also received a lip liner and an eye liner:


The lip liner is a brown-nude shade to correspond with the lip colours and the eye liner is a pretty deep green shade. Here are the swatches:

the quality

As expected, the quality of all the makeup was excellent. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, reasonably soft and easy to blend with minimal fallout. Despite how contrasting the colours are, they work well together and the highlighter and bronzer can also be used on the eyes to provide more options!

The highlighter is a pale gold shade, perfect for emphasising under the eyebrow, the inner eye corner and the cheekbones. It also works well as the base to any eye look. The bronzer is ideal for creating a warmth around the face and also works as a contour shade! It’s also perfect for a daytime smoky eye look!

The lip liner is smooth and easy to apply. It does not pull the delicate skin around the lips and has great colour payoff. Even though it’s darker than the lighter lip colour, they still work well together and you can use the combination to create an ombre lip!

The eyeliner is equally pigmented and soft enough to use on the water lines and as a smudgy eyeliner due to its blend-ability! The colour also has a hint of shimmer which I love!

The 2 lip colours are beautiful. The peachy colour is more a matte lipstick and applies smoothly with good coverage in one application. It had great staying power throughout the day and good colour payoff. It also did not dry out my lips which can sometimes happen with matte lipsticks. The darker brown is more a glossy lipstick, soft and putty-like. It applied easily and left a slight shine to the lips after application. Despite being a softer glossy product it still lasted well and the colour did not fade. It also did not dry out my lips.

My first look

As you’d expect, as soon as I received this palette I created a makeup look with it!

In this look, I used the highlighter as the base eyeshadow, the bronzer as my transition and outer corner shade and then applied the green and orange shades across the eyelid. I then applied the eyeliner in the water lines and across the upper lash line.

I used a little of the bronzer around the face and the highlighter across the cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and under my eyebrows. Lastly, I applied the peachy lip colour and just faintly lined my lips with the lip liner. Hopefully, you can see how pigmented all the colours are – I was really pleased with the final look!

Overall, I was very happy with the second Deck of Scarlet palette and think the price is brilliant for the quality and amount of makeup you receive! To buy all these items separately would cost much more than the subscription fee and would not necessarily be quality either. If like me you love to try new makeup without the hassle of trawling the shops, this service is well worth a try!

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Glossybox March 2017 – A pleasant surprise!

Hey there makeup lovers,

I hope you’re all well and having a good week so far! As usual, I have been really busy with my full-time job and my blog and social media maintenance, but loving it! I have also ordered a ton of new products which will start arriving soon so very excited about testing some new makeup and skin care items and sharing my thoughts with you!

Glossy Box

One way I find really useful and reasonably inexpensive to try new products is subscription boxes. As mentioned in my previous post, The Little Known Box, I have tested a few subscription boxes and I am constantly looking for new ones to try. Glossybox is one I have used on and off depending on the products included and my budget! I decided to subscribe to the March box after receiving an email from the company with a teaser about the contents.

As is usual with a standard Glossybox, you receive a classic pink box with an info card and the products wrapped in tissue paper and a ribbon:


Inside March’s box were 5 lovely full size Products:

  • Oolution Eye Love
  • Sleek Makeup Eye and Cheek Palette
  • This Works In Transit Camera Close-up
  • GOT2B Styling Primer
  • Fruu Fruitilicious Watermelon Lip Balm


As you can imagine, my favourite item was the Sleek palette! I have not used it yet but I have swatched it for your viewing pleasure!

The colours are so pretty and its a perfect handbag palette for everyday use. As is usually the case with Sleek, the eyeshadows are pigmented and reasonably smooth. There was some fallout when I swatched them but it would be manageable when using in a makeup look. I will probably be using this palette in my makeup soon so look out for the look on Instagram!

The other products

As for the other products, I have used the styling primer, the eye cream and the lip balm and I would recommend all of them. The styling primer was especially good and whilst it felt a little sticky when I put it on damp hair, once my hair dried it made it look and feel thicker and was easy to style. The eye cream was also good and the under eye area felt soft and hydrated after use. However, it did sting when I accidentally got it in my eye so it is definitely a cream to use sparingly and carefully! I will be testing the This Works all in one cream soon as it is meant to act as a moisturiser and primer in one which Victoria Beckham swears by so it can’t be bad!

Overall, I am really pleased with this box! It can be hit or miss with subscription boxes as sometimes the products aren’t things you would want to use. But Glossybox March has provided me with some gems!

That’s it, for now, lovelies! I am going to try to blog more regularly so stay tuned for more reviews and beauty tips! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for future blog topics you would like to see, leave them below for me and don’t forget to follow and subscribe!

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The Little Known Box

Hello beauty addicts!

I have been meaning to post a blog about this subscription box for some time and now finally I’ve done it! If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I published a photo of this box and its contents, it’s a limited edition that was brought out for Christmas and its lovely!


I’ve tested a few subscription box companies in the last 12 months and this was the first time I came across The Little Known Box company. They have actually only been around since May 2016 and this was their first limited edition box. It cost £35 but for that price, you receive 8 full-size products and 1 travel size product which is really good value for money compared to some similar boxes, as you often only receive travel sizes.

Inside the box:

  • Flint and Flint moisturiser
  • White Rabbit Skincare, Orange Blossom & Aloe Vera Toner
  • Terre Verdi Franchoulipom Facial Serum


  • Saturated Colour Make Me Shimmer highlighter
  • PHB Ethical Beauty Natural & Organic Black Eyeliner
  • Glitter eyes pressed glitter duo
  • Epic Blend Lip Balm
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics Radiance split pan
  • HJ Manicure Nail Polish


So far, I have only tested a few of the products (see below for initial thoughts) but I am impressed! I love that there is a reasonable mix of skincare and makeup products and the quality of the brands I have tried is very good.

The Brands

The two brands I was really keen to try were Glittereyes and Saturated Colour. I have heard so many positive reviews about their products that I was very excited to check this for myself! Below are the swatches for the glitter duo and the highlighter:

The pigmentation of the glitter duo is amazing! Both shadows are soft and creamy and after only one swatch the colour pay off is excellent and there is no need for glue. The highlighter is in the form of a pencil and is also very soft and easy to blend on the cheekbones, under the eyebrows or in the inner eye corner.

I also tried the eyeliner and the lip balm and again found both to be lovely products. I have always struggled to find a lip balm that actually moisturised my lips without feeling tacky, just sitting on the surface of the lips or worst still drying my lips out. This lip balm made my lips soft and sank into the skin easily and after hours my lips still felt moisturised. As a final bonus, it smells and tastes of cherry!

The eyeliner was equally effective, the texture of the pencil was soft so as not to pull the skin around the eye, it did not smudge easily and the colour was an intense black:


I will be testing the skincare products and the remaining makeup in the near future so when I do I will update this post!

And finally…

This box is still available on The Little Known Box website if you are interested in buying it – I am already so pleased with the products I’ve tested that I have just ordered the January box! Watch out for a sneak peek of that box on my Instagram!

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