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Welcome to All Things Beauty! Designed to inspire beauty lovers of all ages to explore the beauty industry and to discover inner confidence and positivity, All Things Beauty is your online beauty resource! Jam-packed with makeup, skincare and event reviews, looks to recreate, and a comprehensive Vlogger directory to make navigating YouTube beauty vloggers easier,  I hope to share my love and passion for makeup and beauty of all kinds with you!


“Thanks for doing my hair for my brothers sanjee…the trial was really helpful to think about the different styles and the end result was great. I know it was a complicated one so thanks for taking your time and it lasted all night!”


“Dippalli has done my make up and hair on several occasions.  Her preparation and patience with what I want from her is without doubt meticulous.  She has a really good eye as to what would look good and would not and advises and is informative about the products she uses.  

She researches all the up to date trends and as a makeup artist is always immaculate with her hair and makeup which I believe only inspires confidence in what she will do for me. 

Her use of colours is great and she constantly consults you when doing both hair and makeup and will change the look part way through if you are not happy with it.  

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dippalli to anybody.  She is great at what she does and has a lovely demeanour to go with it.”


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