Miraclo London Nail Art – My Review

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Miraclo Nails London

Today, I wanted to tell you about a new nail product I have tested! This product was sent to me as a PR sample by the company Miraclo London in exchange for my honest review and its been great fun trying it out. Miraclo London is a company I had never heard of before and they create beautiful fashion and nail art jewellery. As a lover of all beautiful things and beautiful nails, I was thrilled to test out a few of the nail art range.

This is the outer packaging:


The main box was elegant and sturdy and inside it was felt-lined and housed 2 nails. I received 3 boxes of different sized and designed nails and some loose samples and they were all beautifully packaged.



The Design

The first thing that makes these nails unique is that they are metal, not plastic or imitation acrylic. They come in silver and gold and can be round tipped or pointed. They also make them in small, medium and large sizes to cater for all nail sizes. On the website, there is a sizing guide to help you to pick the correct sizes. I tested all three sizes. They also have different designs embossed on them including special designs for holiday seasons such as Christmas.


Above on the left are the 3 sizes and on the right are the full set of nails I received. When I tried these on my nails, the largest size was suitable for my thumbnail and the middle size fit my other 3 mid-size nails, but they didn’t cover my entire nails from side to side – they did leave a tiny part of my natural nail showing, although this was not noticeable. Sadly, the smallest size was actually slightly too wide for my little finger nail. It was then too small for my other nails so for me the smallest nail size was unusable.

What’s Included

To attach the nails, each box contained the following which was tucked behind a flap in the box lid:

The instruction leaflet helpfully had written and picture information which explained the full process for attaching the nails. The next important difference between these nails and plastic false nails is that these can only be attached with the sticky tabs provided. You cannot use nail glue. They are also designed for at least 24-hour use so they work well for a night out or a special occasion.

The process to apply them is very similar to standard false nails – you push your nail cuticles back, buff your own nails slightly and then clean the inside of the Miraclo nail with a cotton bud before applying one of the sticky tabs to it. The tab needs to be pressed down for a short time to make sure it fully adheres to the nail and then it can be applied to your own nails! This is how they look once attached:


The first 2 pictures are using the medium-sized nails and the last is the largest size. Once on they were really comfortable and did not move at all. I think they would be ideal for Christmas and New Year when you want something extra special!

Pros and Cons

So, what are the pros and cons of these metal false nails compared to standard plastic and acrylic ones?

Well, the Miraclo nails are beautifully designed and made of good quality metal. They don’t need to be filed into shape, they come in many different designs, they are easy to apply and remove and they can be reused many times.

However, because they only come in 3 sizes instead of a wide selection as you would normally receive, they may not fit all nail shapes. Personally, I don’t think I would use them for longer than 24 hours in one application as I would not want to diminish the shine on the nail, I would not want to risk losing one and I would rather save them for something special. They will also cost more than a standard pack of plastic false nails although there is a bulk discount available online. Realistically I think they are perfect for special occasions but not for regular use.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! One of the things I am most loving about being a beauty blogger is the ability to try new things and review them for all of you, especially when the items I am reviewing are different and unique! If you liked this post, please like and share it! If you aren’t subscribing to my blog yet I would love it if you did!

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