My Skincare Loves

Hello lovely people,

As much as I love makeup, the first step in makeup application is good skin and skin care. I used to have an appalling skin care routine, if you could even call it that! It was only in my late teens and twenties that I really understood why skincare from a young age is so important and ever since then I have followed a proper morning and night routine to ensure my skin looks the best it can. This in turn makes my makeup look that much better!

So, to help all of you I will be sharing reviews on any skincare products I use and test and alerting you to any new products that come on the market! I already have a shedload of free samples I have collected over the last few months which I will be working my way through in the coming weeks and months!

I hope you find these pages useful and do leave me comments and questions – I would love to hear from you!