Pretty in Pink


I have never really experimented with pink eyeshadow before and realised that I actually have a variety of pink shades in my many palettes, so I thought I would have a play with them and see what I could create! This was the end result and I loved it, as did a lot of other people! I still have a number of pink eyeshadows I did not use in this look so no doubt I will be creating more!

The products I used to create this look are listed and reviewed below with links where possible, followed by the brushes:


Reviewing from left to right:

  • Airbase Satin eyeshadow palette – Until late last year, I had not heard of Airbase cosmetics! I only found out about the brand when I was watching a Facebook connection reviewing this palette and the Pearl equivalent and she raved about both of them. So, I did some research and found a website selling both of them for a reasonable price and decided to buy the Satin one, which is basically matte shadows rather than shimmer. When it arrived, I could completely understand why my connection loved the product! The colours are super pigmented and buttery, the colour range is excellent and there is little fall out when using them. They blend beautifully too! Considering the quality of the palette, the price I paid was very reasonable, just over £16 I think! If you have never tried Airbase, I would highly recommend you do.

          More Info: Airbase Satin eyeshadow palette


  • Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit in Sweet Treats – This is just a gorgeous highlighter palette! All 4 colours give a different unique glow, for this look I used the lilac shade and it is just lovely. You can be subtle or build up the intensity as they are all very pigmented but you only need to lightly touch them to pick up the colour. They do leave a little fall out in the palette after use but not really on the face. Most of you will know that Anastasia Beverley Hills has a number of highlighter palettes but I particularly like this one because all the shades are completely different.

More Info: Anastasia Beverley Hills Glowkit in Sweet Treats

  • Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight – I just love Cover FX products! I am so glad that Harvey Nichols stocks the brand because I could spend ages just looking at everything and testing the products. This shade, Moonlight, is so pretty – the colour intensity is amazing and when used as a highlighter it creates a stroke like effect. I use it as an illuminator in my foundation more than a highlighter and it works really well, brightening the complexion without affecting the coverage of the foundation. I only have a mini version but a little goes a long long way!

More Info: Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight

  • Benefit Blushing Babe palette – I have always loved Benefit’s blushers because they are pigmented and have great staying power. Each one in this palette gives a different look, from a bronzed sun-kissed effect to a rosy glow. The 5 included are Sugarbomb, Rock, Coralista, Dandelion and Hoola. The palette also includes highlighter, eyeliner and mascara, all of which I have tried and also recommend.


More Info: Benefit Blushing Babe gift set

  • Nyx eyeshadow base in Skin Tone – This is an eyeshadow primer, similar to MAC soft ochre. I use it before every eye look I create and it does its job perfectly, keeping my eye makeup in place and vivid throughout the day. For this look I used it to softly cut my crease rather than to prime – Nyx do the product in other shades as well – I have it in white as well for when I need to make colours really pop!

More Info: Nyx Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

  • Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer – This is one of the first primers I ever tried, when I was first learning about makeup. To date it is still one of my favourites! It’s a pretty pink colour, smells heavenly and smooths onto the skin really well, leaving it soft and slightly glowing. It can be worn on its own to give a fresh-faced brightened complexion or under foundation to give a more subtle glow.

More Info: Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer

  • Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Secret Salma – Charlotte Tilbury is one of my all time favourite brands. I have a variety of her makeup, from eye palettes and smudge sticks to lip liners. Her lipsticks also feature in my collection and they are some of my best! They all glide on beautifully, last well and don’t dry out my lips. Secret Salma is a gorgeous deep pink shade and the pigmentation lasts all day. It will also suit most skin tones.

More Info: Charlotte Tilbury Secret Salma lipstick

  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer in Keep Crying for You – I received this free with an order and loved it paired with Secret Salma! It does not dry out on the lips and is not entirely matte after application. The colour intensity is great whether on its own or over a lipstick.

More Info: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer

  • Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful mascara in black – I have had this mascara for a little while but even now it still performs well! In this look I used false lashes but I always apply mascara to my own lashes as well so that they blend with the falsies. This mascara coats the lashes well and lifts them,as well as adding volume so your lashes look thicker. Sadly, it is no longer available!
  • Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperlight – This was a great find from TK Maxx! I bought it simply to try the brand as I had never heard of it, and I am so glad I did. It is a pink eye corrector and brightener which you twist up. The texture is a thick cream and the pigmentation is excellent. It’s really easy to blend and leaves the under-eye area looking so much brighter! It is definitely worth trying!

More Info: Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperlight

  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in medium 2 – I love Nars products and this is one of my most loved concealers. It covers the under-eye area really well and is very easy to work with. It lasts all day with very minimal creasing and doesn’t dry out the delicate skin, which some concealers can do over time. Even though it is a more expensive concealer, it is worth the money and will last a while as you don’t need huge amounts of it per application.

More Info: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in Light Bronze – I was gifted this by a good friend who spoke very highly of it and she was not wrong! It is a cross between a tinted moisturiser and a medium coverage foundation and applies really well. You can build it up if you want a fuller coverage but I think it works perfectly as a light foundation just to smooth and even out the skin.

More Info: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

  • Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Rose Gold Palette – This palette is filled with gorgeous colours! I was undecided about whether to buy it when it was first released but I am so glad I did because the quality is excellent and whilst some of the colours may look really bright and similar, they are all different with varying intensity levels. I obviously focused on the pink shades to build this look, but I have used most of the colours and the high glitter pigments and they are all lovely, easy to blend and mix and the pigments can be applied with your finger or a brush for a pop of shine on the eye.


More Info: Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Rose Gold Palette

  • Nars Eye Pro Prime eyeshadow Base – Another great Nars freebie sample I received with a purchase! The primer is a pale white colour and a creamy gel consistency. It smooths onto the eye well and the finish is almost clear but it definitely holds eyeshadows well! I have almost used up the sample and will definitely consider buying the full size version.

More Info: Nars Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base

  • Benefit The Porefessional Shine Vanishing Pro Powder – I have used and reviewed this product in a number of my looks so I won’t repeat myself here other than to confirm it is still a great product to have in your collection!


More Info: Benefit The Porefessional Shine Vanishing Pro Powder

  • Loreal Superliner Ultra Precision in Black – I think this is one of the easiest liners you could ever use. The actual nib is slightly bendy so it can move along the eye lid smoothly without losing the sharpness of the line. It lasts for ages without smudging and can be used to create a simple thin line along the lashes or a full cat eye flick. If you struggle to perfect your eyeliner I would recommend using this product!

More Info: Loreal Super Liner Ultra Precision

Tools Used:

As usual, I have not listed every single brush I used as that would take too long, but I have listed the ones that are worth knowing about and investing in if you like to have a choice in your brush collection.

  • On the far left of the main photo above is the Zoeva Luxe Eye Blender. I think the Zoeva brush range is excellent and not overly expensive so it is a good brand to use for building up your brush kit. This particular brush is full and reasonably fluffy but slightly more compact than other blending brushes so it gives a more precise blending effect.
  • Next to the Zoeva brush is the Bobbi Brown Eye Liner brush. In this look I used it to place eyeshadow close to my lower lash line rather than as a normal eye liner but it is great for both purposes. It will give a fuller line though so if you prefer your eye liner to be very thin I would use a much thinner pointed brush, such as the Louise Young LY38 below.
  • Across to the right is the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush – This is a domed slightly compact brush designed to fit perfectly in the eye crease (which it does!). I use this brush to place my transition shade in every look I do because it blends the colour in well without any harsh lines and without spreading it all over the eye. It is also a good brush for blending other colours into each other after application to soften any uneven areas.
  • I then used a Kiko eye brush in number 207. This is a pencil brush with a rounded point. It is perfect for smudging under the lower lash line, adding depth to the outer corner and blending colour more precisely in the crease area. Kiko brushes are very good quality and reasonably priced so it is worth taking a look at their range.
  • For setting under the eyes I always use the Real Techniques Setting Brush. This brush is ideally shaped to place powder on the under-eye area and is quite fluffy so it will disperse the powder even over the area and you won’t get a cakey finish. You can also use it to place powder on other small areas of the face such as the chin, round the nose and between the eyebrows.
  • I also used a brush by Royal Langnickel called the Silk Pro Line and Smudge. Royal Langnickel hold an extensive range of brushes for all uses and they are easily affordable so if you need to stock up they are one of the best brands to look to. In this look I used this brush to add more intense colour to the crease and outer corner as it is slightly pointed and a reasonably firm dense brush head – you would not use this brush to blend! It works to build colour and smudge it out so it’s a great smoky eye tool.
  • My last two brushes are by Louise Young, LY25 which is a super fine liner brush and LY38 which is an almond-shaped fluffy blending brush. I bought these from Selfridges but sadly they don’t appear to stock them anymore so you can only buy them online at present. It’s a good brand and both these brushes are easy to use and work well every time. I used the liner to even out my eye liner and flick as I used the Loreal super liner to draw on the line, however I have used this brush with a cream and gel liner previously and it works well with both, creating a thin sharp line.The blender brush is one of my favourite brushes because the head fits the crease area perfectly, allowing me to blend colours seamlessly without spreading them onto the eye lid.

So that’s my Pretty in Pink lowdown! It’s a long one but I hope you find it helpful – do like and comment below, it’s always great to hear from followers! Stay tuned for more looks and reviews by following me and subscribing by email!


Dips xxx