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For those of you that follow my Instagram (@dipsjn1 for those that don’t!) you will know I love to try new makeup looks and post them for inspiration and comment. Whilst I do try to set out in the post what I use to create a look, I can’t really go into huge detail so I thought I would provide more information on my blog instead!

This look is aptly called Simple and Sleek because I used 2 Sleek makeup palettes to create it. I wanted a simple day look but also something that was a little noticeable, and I also wanted to try a thick eyeliner wing, which I have not tried before. I was really pleased with the end result!

This is the makeup I used to invent this look:


Working from top to bottom with links where possible (excluding the brushes which I will review at the end):

  • Makeup Revolution Ultimate Blush & Light & Contour Palette – this is a great palette! It was an impulse buy in the sale but I am so glad I picked it up as the range of blush shades, highlights and contour options is brilliant, especially if you are a MUA too and need options for different skin tones. The pigmentation is also very good and you can build up the intensity if you don’t want to start with a heavy look.


More Info: Makeup Revolution Ultimate Blush & Light & Contour Palette

  • Bobbi Brown Longwear Even Finish Foundation in Warm Neutral 4.5 – I have always used Bobbi Brown products and have never been disappointed. This liquid foundation is a reasonably thick consistency but goes onto the skin smoothly with an even medium – full coverage. You don’t need a lot to cover the entire face and I use a brush to apply it rather than a sponge (brush not pictured here). It lasts all day without moving, even on my combination skintype.

More Info: Bobbi Brown Longwear Even Finish Foundation

  • Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Mascara in Black – this is not my favourite mascara for using on my top lashes as there are some other excellent mascaras on the market that I prefer to use (there will be a separate blog on mascaras I recommend in the future). However, I have found that it is perfect for using on my lower lash line. The brush head is quite thin and the bristles are short and the consistency of the mascara isn’t too runny or ‘wet’ so when used on the lower lashes it separates them nicely without transferring excess product onto the lashes or the skin. There is also no fallout during the day. If you like your upper lash line to be very natural looking as well then this mascara will deliver however I like my upper lashes to look long, full and fluttery which I don’t achieve with this mascara, despite its name!

More Info: Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Mascara

  • MAC Mariah Carey Lip Gloss in Dreamlover – this is a gorgeous lip gloss on its own or over the top of a lipstick or matte liquid lipstick. It has a smooth non sticky texture and has just the right amount of shine and glitter to add the finishing touch to a look. It did not dry my lips out over the day either, although like a lot of glosses, it did need reapplying.

More Info: MAC Mariah Carey Lip Gloss

  • Sleek Goodnight Sweetheart eyeshadow palette – I never used to like Sleek eyeshadows as I found the pigmentation poor and the texture too hard, but I bought this palette because I loved the colour range and have not been disappointed! The palette has a mix of matte and shimmery shades and the colour pay off on all of them is lovely. They don’t leave too much fall out when used and they can be used wet and dry to increase colour intensity. For the price you pay they are good quality.


More Info: Sleek Goodnight Sweetheart eyeshadow palette

  • Maybelline Instant Anti – Age, The Eraser Eye, Perfect & Cover concealer in Nude – I bought this concealer because I was intrigued by the delivery mechanism for the concealer, through a sponge on the tip. It is actually a really good concealer and the sponge provides a nice even layer of product on the under eye skin. I don’t use the sponge to blend the product simply because the sponge head retains the concealer and will keep adding more and more product. Instead I used a mini beauty blender and that works perfectly. The concealer is not too fluid but is easy to work with and sets beautifully under the eye after applying setting powder or baking. At the moment I have only found 2 colour choices for this product but I am sure more shades will be released in time.

More Info: Maybelline Instant Anti – Age, The Eraser Eye, Perfect & Cover concealer

  • Benefit The Porefessional Shine Vanishing Pro Powder – I have only recently started using setting powders, as when  I used them in the past I found they left a cakey layer on my face and ruined my makeup look. Now, I have a selection of different powders in my makeup arsenal and this is my most recent purchase. I have been a fan of Benefit products for some time and this powder is yet another great addition to their range. I use it on my T Zone and under the eyes and it immediately mattifies both areas. The other selling point is that it has an application brush in the bottom of the holder! This brush can be used as a big fluffy powder brush or you can keep the moveable lip raised and it provides a smaller more compact brush which is perfect for under the eyes. It also has a twist dispenser so you can control how much you use – a small amount will go along way. You won’t need to reapply during the day either!

More Info: Benefit The Porefessional Shine Vanishing Pro Powder

  • Benefit Girl meets Pearl  Liquid Pearl Luminiser for face – this is one of my favourite Benefit products and even though I have loads of highlighters, if this one runs out I always replace it. Its a gorgeous pearlescent colour and you only need a tiny amount to highlight the high points of the face (depending on how obvious you want your highlight to be!) Its a creamy texture and easy to blend leaving a sheen rather than a bright ‘strobe’. You can also mix it into your foundation so that you will have a glow to your base – this is what I use it for the most.

           More Info: Benefit Girl meets Pearl Liquid Pearl Luminiser for face

  • Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer – This is amazing!! I have not come across any other primer like it and  I have a vast collection of primers! When you open the lid there is a little spatula included so you can scoop out the primer and the primer itself is in gel form, but when it touches the skin it melts into a semi – liquid consistency. After using it your face feels soft and hydrated and the liquid melts into the skin with no residue. It dries very quickly as well and you can apply foundation within a minute of applying it. Whenever I have used this primer my foundation has looked smooth and even afterwards and lasted all day. It is well worth investing in and will last a while.

More Info: Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer

  • Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Light to Medium Peach – This is basically a liquid corrector for under the eyes. It is quite runny and is not a full coverage corrector so once blended it gives a very light colouring and brightening effect. If you have very dark skin under your eyes this is not the corrector I would recommend – Bobbi Brown actually do another corrector range which is a dense cream in a pot and this is far more effective at covering dark circles and blends just as well but provides more coverage. I like using the Tinted Eye Brightener for general day to day use when my under eye skin just needs a little boost.

More Info: Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

  • Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in Deep and High Brow highlighting pencil – Another 2 staples from Benefit! The brow pencil is excellent and is actually more like a brow wax in a pencil rather than a normal pencil consistency. It is very easy to use and if you make a mistake it is easy to correct. Because it is like a wax it actually holds the eyebrow hairs in place and they won’t move all day. At the other end of the pencil is a spoolie which works really well with the wax pencil and neatens your eyebrows a treat. To finish my eyebrows I then use the High Brow pencil which comes in 2 colours – the original (pictured here) and the High Brow Glow, which has a luminous finish. They are both easy to use and are a soft texture so you can even use a brush to highlight under the brow. The plain pencil just lightens the under brow area and accentuates the arch, whereas High Brow Glow leaves a lovely shimmer underneath. They can also be used in the inner eye corner as a highlight. I have both and would highly recommend them.

More Info: Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in Deep and High Brow highlighting pencil

  • NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder – This powder is excellent! Despite its startling white appearance it is actually invisible on the skin but the finish is amazing, after using it my skin felt soft and smooth and not at all powdery or cakey. It sets under the eyes without creasing as well and makes skin look flawless.

More Info: NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder

  • Freedom Pro Melts Lip Gloss – I am still deciding whether I like these lip glosses. The colours are lovely but I have found that they are a little drying on the lips even after I have used a lip primer in advance and a normal lip gloss on top. The colour pigmentation is very good and they do glide onto the lips with ease but I did have to reapply during the day.

More Info: Freedom Pro Melts Lip Gloss

  • Sleek All Night Long eyeshadow palette – another great palette with a good combination of natural shades for all skin tones. I did find the shadows in this palette more prone to fall out but aside from that the colour pay off is very good and they are easy to blend. Like with Goodnight Sweetheart there is a mix of matte and shimmery shades and they can be used wet or dry.


More Info: Sleek All Night Long eyeshadow palette

Tools used:

I haven’t shown all the brushes I used to create this look as they would take up too much space in the photo, but the four I have selected are some of my most used brushes and I would definitely recommend them.

From right to left:

  • The first brush is an unbranded double ended blending brush and its one of my favourites. The bigger blending brush is perfect for blending different shades in the crease of the eye and diffusing colour for a smoky eye look; the smaller blending brush is ideal for blending colour in the outer corner of the eye and into the upper and lower lash lines. I bought this brush from a makeup outlet store and wish I had bought more of them at the time!
  • The next brush is Bobbi Brown’s Eye Blender. This is a very big fluffy brush suited to blending out harsh lines and giving a very soft wash of colour. It is also versatile as it can be used as a highlighter brush and a powder setting brush. I have two so that I can multitask!
  • Next up is the Bobbi Brown Smoky Eyeliner brush. This is very good for lining the lower lash line, smoking out liner on the outer corner of the eye and highlighting the inner eye corner. It could also be used to highlight under the eyebrow. The brush head is very firm and compact and will hold colour well so it is perfect for lining.
  • Finally I used the Studio Basics Eye Blending & Smudging brush. Despite its name, I would not use this brush to blend as it is a flat-headed tightly packed brush. I find it ideally suited to packing on colour on the eyelid and adding a pop of colour to the centre of the eye when using a glitter shadow or pigment. I also use it to apply colour under the lower lashes which I can then blend out with another brush.
  • Lemondrop blender sponge – I only occasionally use this sponge as it is very firm and soaks up a lot of liquid, but it is good for blending out the edges of foundation and getting rid of any excess on the skin.


So that’s my first makeup breakdown! I hope you find it useful – do leave me any comments or questions below! I’ll be posting my next makeup breakdown very soon so if you want to get the heads up when I do don’t forget to follow me!

Thanks! xxx


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