Smoke and Nars


I think of all the looks I’ve created (which is A LOT), this has to be one of my favourites so far. I had forgotten that I had the Narsissist palette that I used for this look and I am so glad I fished it out and used it again because it really is an amazing all round palette.

I have listed below all the main makeup used for this look along with links where I can and then set out some of the brushes used:


Working from the left hand side to the right:

  • Benefit The Porefessional Shine Vanishing Pro Powder – I have used and reviewed this product in a number of my looks so I won’t repeat myself here other than to confirm it is still a great product to use!

          More Info: Benefit The Porefessional Shine Vanishing Pro Powder

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in Light Bronze – I was gifted this by a good friend who spoke very highly of it and she was not wrong! It is a cross between a tinted moisturiser and a medium coverage foundation and applies really well. You can build it up if you want a fuller coverage but I think it works perfectly as a light foundation just to smooth and even out the skin.

          More Info: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

  • Loreal Lumi Magique Base Pure Light Primer – This primer is lovely! It’s a creamy white liquid with a pearlescent light infused into it and it smoothes onto the skin beautifully leaving a noticeable glow to the skin. It could be used alone over moisturiser just to have that healthy glow but I use it under or mixed in with my foundation. In this look I used it under the foundation and it gave my skin a smooth and still slightly glowing finish.

          More Info: Loreal Lumi Magique Base Pure Light Primer

  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lipliner in Pillow Talk – Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite makeup brands. From her full makeup look sets to her individual products, everything is beautifully made and the quality is second to none. She’s not the cheapest of brands to buy but I do think you get what you pay for. Her lipliners are no exception. I have a few of them and they are all easy to use, soft and creamy so they don’t pull the delicate skin of the lips and they last for hours without reapplying.

          More Info: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lipliner

  • New CID i Conceal Brush on Fluid Concealer in Medium- New CID is a great but not well-known brand. I picked up this concealer in TK Maxx as a whimsical purchase and I am very glad I did! It is a quite a thick creamy fluid in a brushpen style dispenser. The coverage is very good and it is easy to blend into the skin, with minimal creasing. You also don’t need a lot to conceal both eyes so it will last a while!

          More Info: New CID i Conceal Brush on Fluid Concealer

  • Suqqu Eyeliner Liquid Pen Duo Black & Burgundy – This is my all time favourite liquid pen liner! Before this product, I had never bought anything from Suqqu and knew nothing of the brand. But this eye liner has changed that! It is not cheap compared to most other liquid pen liners but you are getting 2 in 1 and both colours are excellent. It is by far the easiest pen liner to use and the tip is so fine yet intensely pigmented. You can draw super thin and thick lines and the wing it creates it amazing! I am so glad I bought it and it is definitely one of my ride or die products!

          More Info: Suqqu Eyeliner Liquid Pen Duo


  • Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach – I have had this corrector for a while and to date it is still one of the best correctors I have ever used. It is a cream corrector in a small pot and a little goes a long way! It is very thick when applied but will blend well with your fingers or a beauty blender. I have the peach shade but there are many to choose from depending on what you want to correct. Once in place it doesn’t move and it will also brighten under the eye as well as colour correct. I would highly recommend it!

          More Info: Bobbi Brown Corrector

  • Nyx Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone – This is an eyeshadow primer, similar to MAC soft ochre. I use it before every eye look I create and it does its job perfectly, keeping my eye makeup in place and vivid throughout the day. Nyx do the product in other shades as well – I have it in white as well for when I need to make colours really pop!

          More Info: Nyx Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone


  • Rimmel Sculpting Palette in Golden Bronze 03 – I bought this in a rush when I needed some makeup on the run but I am really impressed with this palette! All three products are super pigmented and buttery and its the perfect size to carry in your handbag. You can use the palette on the eyes as well so it really is an all in one!

          More Info: Rimmel Sculpting Palette

  • Narsissist L’Amour, Toujours L’Amour eyeshadow palette – This palette is so beautiful! The colours are perfect for so many day and night looks and they are all very pigmented and blendable. I never used to buy much from Nars as it is a more expensive makeup brand but now I will always look at the Nars counter wherever I go because the quality is so good.

          More Info: Nars L’Amour, Toujours L’Amour eyeshadow palette

  • Nyx Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Ruffle Trim – Nyx is another brand I was not fully aware of until I heard other bloggers and makeup artists rating it. However I now have a large collection of Nyx products and the Lip Lingerie Lipsticks feature massively! These lipsticks glide onto the lips with ease and dry to a matte finish within a few seconds. There is a wide selection of colours to pick from and they are all gorgeous. Thy don’t dry the lips and will last for hours without touching up. All in all they are a great addition to any makeup collection.

          More Info: Nyx Lip Lingerie Lipstick


Tools Used:

I have not listed all brushes used in this look but picked some of my preferred choices that I think are worth mentioning.

  • On the left is the Ecotools Airbrush Concealer brush. I actually use this brush to apply eyeshadow primer but it works well as a concealer brush too! I find the quality of Ecotools brushes to be very good and they are inexpensive so you can easily build your first brush collection with them. I have a number of Ecotools brushes and they are all in good condition after many uses and there has been no bristle fall out!
  • Next on the left is the Bare Minerals Perfecting Face foundation brush. I love this brush! It was one of the first things I ever bought from Bare Minerals and I’ve never regretted it. This is an excellent brand with a great selection of products and brushes and this particular brush is brilliant – it buffs foundation into the skin seamlessly using the indented foundation reservoir! The end result is a flawless skin with no lines or streaks. If you prefer foundation brushes to sponges then definitely invest in this one!
  • In the centre is the Creme Shop double ended Blush and Powder brush. You can’t buy this brush from the Creme Shop anymore but it is a really useful brush – I use the black bristled brush to apply hightlighter and the cream bristled angle brush to apply blusher or contour powder. The only negative with this brush is that the bristles do fall out!


  • On the right we start with the Morphe MB26 Small Detailer brush. This is a great brush for lining the lower lash line, creating a diffused cut crease and highlighting under the brow. It is quite densely packed so isn’t a brush to use in any blending capacity but it is a useful brush to have in your arsenal. Morphe brushes generally are excellent value for money and I always keep an eye out for them at beauty shows and trade exhibitions.
  • Next is the Illamasqua Blending brush. Illamasqua is another favourite of mine, I started out with their pigments and progressed into everything else! It is not a cheap brand but the quality is exceptional and the brushes follow suit. This blending brush is fluffy but reasonably small and is ideal for placing and blending colour in the crease of the eye to create that lovely diffused look. There is no bristle fallout and it is very easy to master!
  • Following that there is the Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep brush. I started my brush collection with Bobbi Brown and I still have all those brushes to this day because they are that good! This brush is one of my favourites for sweeping a base shadow over the eye from lashline to eyebrow. I also then use it to blend out any overblended colours and harsh lines. It’s another staple in my brush kit and still in great condition.
  • One of my new loves is the W7 Petite Blending brush. I can’t locate this online to provide a link but it should still be available in makeup outlet stores. It is perfect for outer corner blending and smoky looks. The bristles are quite tightly packed but allow just enough movement to blend without losing colour intensity. If you can get your hands on one of these it is worth having!
  • Next along is the Louise Young LY38 which I have already reviewed and linked in makeup look Pretty in Pink. Suffice it to say this is an excellent brush and one that I use frequently!
  • Halfway along is the Zoeva Luxe Powder Fusion brush. I bought this brush on a hunch that it would be a good buy because my other Zoeva brushes have been excellent. I was right – this is a great crease work brush! Due to the length and shape of the brush head you can place colour in the crease and blend it out easily with no lines or edges visible. I wouldn’t use it is any other way as it is quite a uniquely designed brush and I must confess it took practice to use it properly! But definitely worth mastering.
  • Alongside that is the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush – This is a domed slightly compact brush designed to fit perfectly in the eye crease (which it does!). I use this brush to place my transition shade in every look I do because it blends the colour in well without any harsh lines and without spreading it all over the eye. It is also a good brush for blending other colours into each other after application to soften any uneven areas.
  • The penultimate brush is the Ecotools Detailer brush. Again I struggled to find a link to this specific brush but it will be available from Boots and Superdrug as part of other Ecotools sets. Its a perfect size and shape for highlighting the inner corner of the eye, along the lower lash line and under the brow arch.
  • Last but not least is the Crown double ended Flat Headed brush. This is an old design which I couldn’t find online but Crown will no doubt have a newer version. This brush has a wide flat head and narrow flat head both of which are ideal for packing on colour onto the eyelid. The narrow end is particularly good for packing on a dense pigment or colour when creating a halo eye look!

And there you have it, my Smoke and Nars review! As always these posts are lengthy but I hope they are useful to all of you and give you ideas and products to add to your wishlists! Feel free to comment, ask questions and share this post and please follow and subscribe to my blog if you don’t already!

Thanks for reading!

Dips xxx