Sunday’s Contemplation over Coffee

Hey there lovely people,

As promised, I’m sharing another post about positivity, specifically the importance of being grateful and appreciating the beauty of family. For me, this quote could not be any truer than it has been this week:

Why this family quote?

This past week has been filled with ups and downs, at work and in my personal life! Normally, when things aren’t going as planned, makeup is my escapism and it calms me down, but even that didn’t help! From an unplanned and significant expense to a nervewracking trip to hospital to a cancelled date to looming deadlines, this week tested my stress levels and my optimism. People who know me well will know that very little can shake my optimism but even I have limits!

But, spending time with my family and seeking their help and advice gave me back my perspective and strength.  As I have gotten older, I have truly learnt the value of family. I’m very fortunate to have a very close and unique family unit filled with strong and determined people who don’t let life overwhelm them! No matter what is thrown at them they find a way to overcome it. I like to think that tenacity has been passed down to me!

It’s easy to forget in day to day life just how amazing family support can be and often it is taken for granted. I try to remind myself regularly that no matter how much we might argue, no matter how hard times can be, my family will always try to help, support and encourage me. That’s something to be forever grateful for. I hope that each of you has amazing families you can turn to in tough times!

My final thought for you – as my family told me this weekend, “whatever will be will be so there’s no point stressing, we’re here!”

Happy Sunday! See you again soon,

Dips xxx

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