The After Dark Palette – My Review

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I hope you have all had a great week! I have been flat-out with my day job and then receiving lots of great new products to try to blog about in the future! My list of posts to write is growing list and there are not enough hours to write them!

The After Dark Palette

So, one of the products I received recently was this amazing Urban Decay After Dark palette. I saw this online weeks ago and have been trying to get my hands on it but it was only available in the USA. Until I found someone selling it on a Facebook buy and sell group! Just as an aside, there are some really great makeup sellers on Facebook groups! If you haven’t already, join some groups and you could get your hands on some lovely products!

I was so excited when the palette finally arrived and immediately used it in one of my looks (soon to be posted on My Makeup Looks pages). I also took some swatches for all of my lovely followers:

The colours are GORGEOUS!! as with all Urban Decay palettes, the shadows are deeply pigmented and so buttery to the touch! They all have a slight shimmer but nothing too full on and they blend like a dream. There was also very little fallout when I used them in my makeup look and the colour strength lasted all day.

Here’s a closer look at the colours:


Even with this photo being as close up as I could get it, it does not do the colours true justice! This is a great palette to have in time for Spring and Summer and the darker shades will look deep and rich in the Autumn and Winter. All in all, it is well worth buying this palette! Having spoken to an Urban Decay counter we should be getting the palette in the bigger UK stores in the next few months. No date has been confirmed that I could find.

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4 thoughts on “The After Dark Palette – My Review

  1. Crystal Olisa says:

    It looks sooo good! I watched a youtube video where the guy said he needed a primer with a different urrban decay palette and I guess I wrote them off after that but now I’m totally sold lol

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