The Professional Beauty Show 2017 -Was it worth attending?

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I hope you have all had a great weekend and you’re enjoying your Sundays before the working week starts again! My week has been crazy in my day job and a busy weekend so far but finally found time to sit down and write! I have a growing list of blogs to prepare and it keeps getting longer!

The Professional Beauty Show

So, a few weeks ago I attended the Professional Beauty Show 2017 in London. If you follow me on social media you will know that at this event I also met the inventor of the Stylpro brush cleaner which was a massive highlight for me! It was the first time I attended this event and I have to say, it was really worthwhile trekking to London for it!


The Brands

The first thing that I found amazing is that the event is FREE. This was a huge exhibition of many beauty, skincare and makeup distributors. You would think there would be a hefty ticket price too go with the size of the event, but there was no charge and no catches! Some of the well-known brands such as Murad, Dermalogica and OPI attended, to name a few:



Secondly, you were spoilt for choice. I am pretty sure I did not get chance to visit every single exhibitor due to the sheer number of them! I tried to work around as many of the makeup stands as possible and visited some of the skin care brands too. There were some expected favourites such as Nyx Professional and Inglot and also a few companies I had not heard of:

As you can imagine, the queues were crazy! There were also some unexpected surprises which I was thrilled to see! Spectrum had a stand, whose brushes I have long coveted and Kryolan had a stand, which is one of the best and most established professional makeup brands. I naturally visited both!

I decided against buying any Spectrum brushes on this occasion as it was simply too busy to have a proper look. Getting close enough was hard but I know that buying some in the future is a definite!

However, I wasn’t quite so restrained at the Kryolan stand! I have long been a fan of this brand but never had the opportunity to check out the full range. I ended up buying an eyeshadow palette and 2 fine glitter pigments from there! The quality of the makeup is exceptional, the pigmentation of the eyeshadow is excellent and the glitters are stunning. They actually come in different textures, from the very chunky glitters to the super fine, but they are all beautiful.

Glitter Heaven

On the subject of glitters, this show was glitter heaven! There were several stands selling various glitters in an array of colours and I was in my element!


I ended up buying several different glitters but tried to pick colours that I did not already have! They were all good quality and very reasonably priced so it was worth attending the event just for that! The only brand I could not properly look at was Magpie Beauty because it was swamped with fans!


Finally, you were also able, despite the number of attendees, to take part in demonstrations. Most exhibitors were testing samples on visitors, doing demonstrations and offering treatments. I thought this was very ambitious but also essential to pulling in customers. I ended up assisting in a demo for the Stylpro brush cleaner and giving a review which was posted on Twitter! My aunt had a foundation and concealer makeover by Supercover Professional Makeup, which was actually very impressive:

Suffice it to say, she ended up buying some of their products and has since told me how pleased she is with them!

Would I attend the event again?

So, would I recommend attending this event? Hell yes! Not only was it free, there was a huge amount of information to gain and amazing brands to explore. I have only touched on some of the companies I spoke to but there were brush brands such as Crown Brushes, hair extension brands, makeup storage companies, the list goes on. I also used the opportunity to hand out some of my beauty blog cards to reps and discussed possible collaborations or reviewing products for them, which is so much easier to do in person than through emails etc. Then there’s the fact I was able to use my love of this industry to speak to someone like Tom Pellereau of Stylpro and I was able to gain social media exposure as a result!

All in all, this show will be a date to save for 2018 and I hope it is even better than this year was! I will soon be reviewing the lovely products I bought at the show but for now, here’s a little sneak peek:

I hope you found this blog fun and interesting! If you have any questions about the show do feel free to comment below! As always, if you like reading my blogs, remember to follow, like and subscribe!



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