The Stylepro Brush Cleaner – Just Amazing!

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I hope you’re all settling into 2017 well, so far I’m really loving it! Aside from keeping up to date with makeup and beauty trends and new products, which is fun in itself, I’ve started a new job which is going well! I’ve also started cooking more which has been a goal of mine for ages and I’ve started exercising which I have always avoided like the plague!

As part of my makeup love, I also try to keep track of new tools that come on the market like brushes and makeup storage. It was during my reading that I came across the Stylepro Brush Cleaner. Now I know I am probably behind the times when it comes to this product as a few of my friends have already told me that they bought it a few months ago, but once I found it I knew I needed to test it!

The Stylpro Pack


As a fledgeling MUA I am always looking for simple, quick and easy ways to keep my brushes clean. Up to now it was a hard task – every method still involved a lot of time and effort and my brushes did not always feel or look as clean I wanted.

Until now. This brush cleaner is simply brilliant! It isn’t cheap but you get what you pay for and then some. Inside the box you will find the cleaning bowl and rim, 8 brush holders to fit different brush sizes, 2 pouches of brush cleanser, the battery-powered brush cleaning motor and instructions for use.

Despite all the separate parts, it’s actually really easy to use! For this review, I decided to clean a few brushes and show you the before and after. Frankly, I was amazed at the results!

The Brushes

These are the brushes I selected to test on – I have shown you before and after shots for three of them below as an illustration. The last image above is how the brush, brush holder and motor fit together. I have to say the fit of the holders was very good and all the brushes I used fit comfortably into the relevant holder.

The first brush I decided to test was a foundation brush. This was perfect as foundation is notoriously difficult to clean from the brush because the bristles are more tightly packed. It also allowed me to gauge the effectiveness of the provided brush cleanser.

The first image is how my foundation brush looked before it was cleaned. The final images show the end result. Not only was the brush the cleanest it has ever been since I bought it but it was also totally dry and beautifully soft and fluffy again! There was no bristle fallout or damage to the brush at all even though the speed at which it spins is crazy fast. The whole process took less than a minute and only a small amount of cleanser, which you can use for more than one brush without any reduction in the effectiveness of the clean! Below are images of the other brushes I cleaned, one after the other using the same cleanser I started with:

I continued to clean a few more brushes after these and every result was the same – completely clean, dry and no change in the quality of the brush. I could have happily cleaned every single brush I own!

Final Thoughts?

Overall, I can say with absolute confidence that this brush cleaner is worth every penny and it lives up to its claims. I have always hated going through the rigmarole of cleaning my brushes, especially as I have so many, but this product makes it fun, easy and super quick – you could literally clean your brushes as you are using them and it would barely add any time onto your makeup routine. Because the cleaner and its parts are small it is also portable. As a MUA you could take it to bookings and ensure your brushes are clean throughout the session and in between clients. Another added feature is that you don’t have to use the brush cleanser provided in order to get the same excellent results, you can use any brush cleanser, even baby shampoo!

If there was one thing this brush cleaner lacks it’s the added ability to clean sponges like the beauty blender! If Tom could invent a product or a bolt on to this brush cleaner that would allow sponges to be cleaned to the same standard as brushes, we would be in cleaning heaven!

So, if any of you are searching for a foolproof method for cleaning your brushes to the highest possible standard and have the money or the ability to save up, I would definitely recommend you invest in this product – you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found my review helpful! Don’t forget to follow me to get alerts for each new post!

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