Vlogger Directory

I love Vlogs! Everyday my list of Vloggers on YouTube gets longer and longer and there aren’t enough hours in the day to watch all the amazing videos and tutorials.

BUT….how do you know which Vloggers are worth watching without searching endlessly through the channels? And what if you are looking for a Vlogger that targets specific characteristics or only does hairstyling?

This is where my Vloggers directory comes in handy! I have watched so many Vlogs over the years and every single one has something different to offer the viewer but unless you watch them frequently there is no way to know whether a particular Vlogger/Vlog will provide what you are looking for. To try and make this easier, I wanted to create a central ‘database’ where makeup enthusiasts can search for Vloggers using different criteria, which should hopefully save hours of lost time trying to find what you want!

As Vloggers come on the beauty scene all the time, I won’t profess to have every single Vlogger on the directory from the outset and the list will no doubt keep growing so if I have missed anyone do get in touch and let me have the details! The directory is there to help all of you so the more we collaborate the better it will be!

Big love,

Dips xxx