Weekend Wisdom and Woolies!

Happy Sunday lovelies!

It certainly feels like Autumn now! I’ve been pulling out my winter wardrobe this week and all my winter woollies! As much as I don’t like the cold, I do love Autumn-Winter fashion, especially scarves and hats!

So, whilst curled up in my fleece loungewear and big fluffy socks, I’ve been reflecting on my week and what I’ve learnt. That led me to this week’s positive thought:

Why this quote?

This weekend I celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday and the lives of my maternal grandparents. My grandmother passed away last year and my grandfather nearly 10 years ago, both from old age. My family had a small get together with close friends to mark the occasion.  To contribute, I bought a massive birthday cake for everyone to share, for my dad’s birthday, as he doesn’t like presents.

What I didn’t know was that my dad had never had a surprise birthday cake or blown out birthday candles! He told me this after we sang happy birthday to him! He loved the cake and enjoyed the candle blowing ceremony, and I realised that something most of us take for granted, something we have likely all experienced, meant the world to him.

We don’t always realise that the little things we do mean more than the big things to the people we care about. From leaving a special random note for your partner to find to doing the dishes for your mum to sending a get well soon card to an ill friend, they all show how much you care in a small way.

We often forget that something simple to us might actually be significant to someone else. When my grandparents were alive, I did everyday things for them, like helping with shopping and cooking, which now I realise meant a lot to them, and vice versa. With friends, just sending a message to let them know you’re thinking of them whilst we’re all living hectic lives, can brighten their day.

What’s the defining factor is all of these actions? Love! I bought my dad a cake to show my love and his reaction was better than I could have hoped, way better than a conventional present and card. When we do small seemingly insignificant things to show our love and appreciation, with no expectations of anything, they will often mean far more than big grandiose gestures.

So, next time you’re deciding whether to buy something or do something for someone, maybe don’t go for an obvious or grand option – show your love through small meaningful acts.  You might not think it’s enough, but I bet the recipient will appreciate it way more than you expect!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Dips xxx

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