A focus on Makeup/Beauty Tips, Tricks and Techniques

I love it when Vloggers share their own ideas and techniques for applying makeup flawlessly, it’s how I have been able to learn and improve my own skills. So, to help all of you I have listed below the Vloggers I follow that like to regularly provide us with tips and tricks to up our makeup game:

  • Beauty and the Boutique
  • Byrony Blake
  • Farah Dhukai
  • Huda Beauty
  • Jordan Liberty
  • Stephanie Lange
  • Wayne Goss

My particular favourites are Stephanie Lange and Wayne Goss because they actually demonstrate their techniques live in their videos so you can see they actually work! They also cover a good variety of beauty areas not just makeup so you can really leanrn alot from them – if you’re an avid learner like me you will enjoy watching these Vloggers.