Arbonne Skincare – My Mini Review

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I hope you are all well, this post has been a little delayed as I have been really busy with other projects – check out my last post here to find out what I have been up to in the last few weeks!

So, in this post I want to promote the brand Arbonne! On my journey through the blogger world I met a lovely lady called Danielle Clark who is an Arbonne Consultant and she very kindly offered me the skincare samples below to test. I came across Arbonne a few years ago too and at that time I tested a makeup primer, which was gorgeous, a body oil which I still use now and facial exfoliating pads which had a great effect on my skin! When Danielle offered me the chance to test the skincare range I was really keen to, so I could see if the brand was as good as I remembered!

Arbonne Samples

All these samples are from the RE9 range which is their leading anti-ageing range.

The collection contains:

  • A facial cleanser
  • A regenerating toner
  • An intensive serum
  • A corrective eye cream
  • A restorative day cream
  • An extra moisture restorative day cream
  • A night repair cream

Given the sizes of the samples I used everything up within a few days, however this was enough time to gain a flavour for the quality and effect on my skin! My initial thoughts for each product are:

  • The Cleanser

I used this every morning for a few days. The cleanser is a gel like consistency and felt lovely on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean afterwards with no tightness.

  • The Toner

As with most toners this was a clear liquid which I used after the cleanser on a cotton pad. I did not need a lot to sweep over my entire face and my skin remained soft and hydrated afterwards which was great as many toners can be too astringent and leave the skin too dry and tight.

  • The Serum

I love using serums on my skin and definitely think they are important as you age to keep the skin supple and nourished. This serum was lovely and light but left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I also didn’t need too much to cover my face fully.

  • The Eye Cream

The eye cream was one of favourite products from the samples! It was rich and thick and soaked into the delicate eye skin really well. My eye area felt deeply moisturised afterwards and I could see the area brighten after use! A definite must try!

  • The Everyday Day Cream

This cream was quite thick but absorbed into the skin well and there was no leftover residue or film after use, which for me is important as my skin type is oily combination. My skin felt plump and soft afterwards and looked fresh and smooth and whilst I did not have enough product to fully test if it had longer term anti – ageing effects I would be very surprised if it didn’t!

  • The Extra Moisture Day Cream

I used this only on days where the weather was colder as I think this cream would be best used in the colder months. It was very thick and rich and very moisturising! As with the everyday cream, it did not leave my skin feeling greasy but I could tell I had used a richer cream from the way my skin felt. I would certainly consider using this in the Winter when my skin can be very dry and rough.

  • The Night Cream

Looking after my skin at night is very important to me and is also a lovely night-time treat! I have used lots of night time skin care products and I really liked this cream – it was quite buttery to the touch but absorbed well and my skin felt great the following morning too!

All in all, I was very impressed with the Arbonne RE9 range. Everything was good quality, had a pleasant fragrance and did not make my skin react or breakout in any way. With continued use I can believe the products would have a positive effect on the skin and keep it healthy, smooth and soft. I cannot comment on whether it would also tackle any fine lines and wrinkles simply because I would need to trial everything for much longer but based on my experience I don’t see why it would not improve them in the long-term. I would definitely think about buying the full size products once I have run out of my existing skincare products! If you would like to know more about Arbonne you can check out Danielle’s link here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and will consider trying Arbonne in the future! As always, would love to read your comments and do share and follow my blog if you don’t already!

See you again soon,

Dips xxx

N.B This blog is not sponsered or endorsed by Arbonne and is purely based on my personal opinion.

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