Guest post: A Complete Guide to Autumn Skin Care

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Summer is nearly over, and autumn is knocking on our doors. This means that many things are about to change, and that doesn’t include only taking a break from our summer wardrobe. New season requires a whole new approach to skin care because with the weather getting colder, your skin will become drier and more prone to cracks and damage. But let’s not stress about it; here are all the things you need to do to keep your skin healthy and radiant this autumn.

Stop using soaps

Soaps and other products that contain fragrances sure smell wonderful, and they can make you feel refreshed after a long day at the beach. However, using them during autumn can leave your skin dry. Instead, you should try soap-free cleansers and other fragrance-free products.

Use oil-based exfoliators

Exfoliation is important for removing dead skin cells and helping your skin absorb all the creams and lotions you are using for that perfect complexion. There is one thing to keep in mind during this season, though ‒ oil-based scrubs are better because they exfoliate and hydrate at the same time.

Opt for thick moisturisers

Your hydrating lotion might have been working quite fine during summer, but now, when the weather is becoming harsher, you will need to upgrade your protection to thicker moisturisers that are capable of keeping your skin hydrated even during the cold autumn months.

Don’t forget your hands

Your hands are the perfect target for chilly weather, and to prevent them from becoming cracked and dry, you should invest in a quality hand cream.

Protect your lips

In summer, you need to protect your lips from the harsh sun; in autumn, you have to shield them from cold winds – it’s the natural life cycle. Just like your hands, your lips can also crack and dry out because of the weather. Prevent that by using a petroleum-based lip balm.

Grab a youth serum

Oh, you haven’t heard about it yet? There is an ingredient that can reduce the appearance of brown spots caused by the long hours spent on the beach, smooth the texture of the skin and delay skin ageing. It is called retinol (vitamin A). Now it probably sounds more familiar. You can find it in serums or ask for a prescription retinoid.

Get your body in shape

Let’s face it, no one works very hard during summer, which means that you have probably put on a pound or two on your vacation. This is something you will most likely notice when you try to fit into your favourite pair of jeans. There is a quick and healthy solution to it, a non-invasive procedure called body sculpting, which will ensure that you are free of all those persistent pockets of fat without hurting your skin.

Don’t ditch your sunscreen

You’re not going to the beach, so you don’t need sunscreen anymore. That sentence makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly. The sun isn’t going anywhere, even though it seems to be losing its power. It can still affect your skin and cause it to age faster. That is why it is important to apply sunscreen every time you go outside.

Sleep on silk

Sleeping on silk may sound overly posh for your taste, but there is a logic behind this. Silk pillowcases are known to help prevent skin redness, dryness and acne breakouts. Since it is a natural product, silk is also hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is a win-win situation ‒ sleep like a diva and wake up looking like one.

What have we learned, girls? Autumn can be cruel to your skin, so don’t forget to protect your gorgeous skin from the harsh winds and cold days!

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